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Sunday, December 25, 2022

સર્વિસ બુકમાં કઈ કઈ નોંધ કરવામાં આવે છે ?

 *સર્વિસબુકમાં* કઇ કઇ નોંધ કઇ રીતે થાય અને તેવી  નોંધ *ક્યા નિયમો* તળે  થાય છે તે બાબતોનું સંપૂર્ણ માર્ગદર્શન સરળ ભાષામાં સમજી શકાય તે રીતનું આ બુકમાં આપવામાં આવેલ છે. દરેક ખાતાના કર્મચારીઓને બહુ જ ઉપયોગી થશે. અચૂક એકવાર અભ્યાસ કરવા જેવો છે.

Important Links:

Download Service Book Important PDF 

Keep track of your car's updates

Keep track of all your cars and the updates that you perform by using "Service Book" app.

You can register as many vehicles as you like and then keep track of their updates that you or the mechanic performs. 

Also, you can share your car's history without worrying about any data loss. 

Platform to manage all service requests assigned to service providers

Service Book

- A consolidated platform for managing all assigned services

- Manage and update all the service requests on real-time basis

- Improve efficiency and productivity of your business. 

Help you manage your Service Related Business by organizing your client data

MSB App help you manage your Service Related Business, by organizing your client data

Why My Service Book (MSB)?

MSB is a Mobile App brought to you by This app helps technicians, individuals/businesses etc. working in service industry, by helping them maintain their customer records along-with the detailed informations of devices/gadgets brought to them for service. This app helps them synchronize their data online on our secured servers, protected by a OTP login. This App is useful for Large Businesses as well, as they can assign managers, with controlled access to recorded data in MSB app. This app help filter data in various combinations, thus helping all users maintaining service data digitally. 

Customer Service Record

Service book is a awesome solution for technicians & customers in one roof comes under with Lalitha Enterprises Application where technicians can download and can add the customer details for future reference and for easy service in database and raise a invoice to customers for Installation or required or demaged spare parts, Even they can send the invoice in a single at the same spot within fraction of seconds. 

employee attendance tracker, leave management, payroll management

SalaryBox is a smart attendance and payroll app. You can now experience attendance, leave management & payroll management under one app, with this you can capture employee attendance with selfie, time and location.

Attendance & Leave Management

SalaryBox enables employers to track attendance, location and work hours of the employees. When an employee marks his/her attendance, employee location along with time and self-photograph is captured. The application will also check if employees are marking the attendance within the permitted area thus enabling transparency for the employer.

⁃ Employee Attendance app with Location & Selfie Verification.

⁃ Employee Real Time Location Tracking.

⁃ Easy Punch-in & Punch-out with Employee Time Tracking.

⁃ Integrate biometric device to simplify attendance.

⁃ Create shift/roster and assign it to employees.

⁃ Leave management with real-time insights on leave balance.

⁃ Assign managers & manage multiple branch locations.

⁃ Turn your Android phone into a Facial Biometric Kiosk.

⁃ View Attendance Summary & Download Attendance Reports.

Automated Payroll Processing

Payroll has always been a crucial and complicated process, and payroll software does much more than calculating the correct payroll amount. It also has legal aspects attached to it. Hence, ensuring your payroll is done on time without any mistake is vital for any company and SalaryBox is one of the best and easy to use solutions in this scenario.

It also provides automatic backups, so you can be worry-free about losing the data. Additionally, it is automatically updated with the latest updates in the statutory compliances; you can avoid spending time remaining on top of these changes.

⁃ Automatic staff salary calculation (based on inputs of hourly, daily, monthly salary)

⁃ SalaryBox will take care of your PF, ESI, LWF and TDS compliance.

⁃ Auto overtime pay calculation.

⁃ Define policies around late coming, early leaving and half day.

⁃ Download and distribute your employee's payslip using SalaryBox

What are you waiting for? Let's download this application now to get a better experience to manage employees attendance, leave and payroll. Do you want to know more about SalaryBox? Contact our Customer Service on or send email to

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