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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Primary Teacher Transfer Over Set up rules updated Circular 26/10/2020

 Primary Teacher Transfer Over Set up rules updated Circular

The Department of Education has made rules for the transfer of primary teachers. It is updated from time to time. Transfer rules were made on 23/5/2012. Since then some amendment rules have been made in it. October In 2020, some amendments have been made in the matter of reduction and the matter has been circulated.

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According to the new rule of transfer *

(1) Separate seniority of Std. 1 to 5 and 6 to 8 has to be maintained

(2) The last numbered teacher of the department in which the murder takes place shall be replaced

(2) More teachers should be placed in the same department

(2) Teachers from 1st to 2nd should not be placed in 3rd to 5th and teachers from 2nd to 3rd should not be placed in 1st to 8th.

(2) In the cases of transfer which shall be included as per the section and subject

(3) For slaying / transfer, according to that department and subject, first of all, his salary should be included in KV school.

(3) Salary should be included in the district school if there is no space in KV school and if there is no space in taluka school

(2) If all the vacancies in district 1 to 2 are filled then teachers of 1st to 8th class will have to be included in Std. 6th to 8th but he will have to be placed as a surrogate teacher and will have to be replaced as a surrogate teacher in the next massacre / reduction camp.

(3) At the time of inclusion in this way, if there is a place in Std. 6 to 8 in his native school, then the salary should be included there or in the school of KV / taluka / district.

Teacher Transfer Rules

Anur's deceased husband Anur, who has been appointed in the High Court of Goa and is an employee / officer who is currently eating 3 Ra aiuliet salai 3 (9) quel. Vidyashayak's husband // Uday Chokhi vacancies in the district to Dayat

The defeated Kukmo came to the mall (b) The woman of the department head at Gandhinagar, G.Musha.

It is possible to be transferred, the time is only available at Mandginagar and the service of the officer working on that place has been transferred to other places in the state except Gandhinagar. Ashak Talipan in the state except Gandhinagar tell tell Risi / saleiflut via / ucel ​​Gue Elac uafl el aiturti ola dai Bai ya dadl Feet eclerx Vacancy can be changed considering the vacancy in the district and the name of the officer / employee on duty at the Gujarat High Court. Husband / water bankruptcy bankruptcy drive in Ahmedabad district,

In the aforesaid Kirsha, the class-Shashi who is in charge of the premises of the administrative department concerned has to submit the certificate of measurement of the prescribed Jamuna as shown in the appendix attached to the Rama Shala as evidence in the arsa, while Presented as evidence

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