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Saturday, April 9, 2022

How to know the your kundli and matching online

How to know in the your kundli and  matching in online

Kundali are Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milan| 


Online Kundali are  Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanis an a easy and utmost are  accurate way to the match Kundalis of the prospective  are bride and bachelorette anytime and any where .Kundali are Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanor Kundali Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milan is an a ancient in this  system of the Vedic Augury for the harmony analysis between in  the couples. Kundali Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanas per in Hindu Vedic Astrology is a done by the Ashtakoota system of the Guna Milan. In a Hindu marriage, a good Gun Milan in score is a critical for a happy, long- term, and successful are  wedded in the  life. 


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How a  Kundli are Matching For in  the Marriage in the Works? 


Kundli are  Matching or Guna Milan is the most of integral aspect of the  every Hindu in marriage. Hindu augury lays are strong emphasis on the Janam Kundali Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milan before a couple ties  in the knot to a ensure a happy and long wedded  in the life. Firstly Kundali matching for the marriage was done by a family clerk or any Prophesier. But with the Online Kundali are  Matching, it is has come fairly to  easy and quick to the check the marriage are harmony of two people. 

Mainly there are the two ways to the match in the Horoscope of a boy and girl 

  • Kundali are Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanby name 
  • Kundali are matching by the date of the birth 

Kundali are  Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanby name is the basically in  the marriage matching done with a the only the name of the bride and the  bachelorette. This is also called the Guna Milan by the name as it is include the marriage harmony test by the checking  in the Gunas of  the Bride and Groom are using in their names. 

Kundli are Matching by date of the birth, also known as the Janam Patrika matching, is a predicated on the age-old Ashtakuta in this system and determines in the harmony of the two people using their separate in birth details. In a Western Augury, some believe in the using a Love calculator to the find their Love Harmony score and check in the Zodiac Subscribe in  harmony with their mates to the  figure out the their emotional, internal and physical in the  harmony. 

Although Horoscope matching by the birth date and name it is the predicated on the Guna Milan in the  score calculated by the marriage are  matching calculator, Kundali matching by the date of the birth is a  considered more accurate and is a always are recommended. 

What Is a Kundali are  Matching? 

In a Hindu tradition, Kundli Milan is a pivotal ritual ahead of the overlooking for a marriage. It is the process of the matching horoscopes ( birth- charts) of the bride and the bachelorette to the determine in  the  whether their stars are in a harmony for a successful and happy marriage. Constantly known as the Horoscope matching, Janam Kundli milan, Patri Milan or Gun milan, Kundli match for the marriage is a predicated on the multitudinous factors that come into play to the determine in  the Kundali matching score also the known as Gunas. 

Kundali matching by the date of the birth and name is the swish and utmost accurate in this  system of the matching horoscopes and establishing in the harmony between in the boy and the girl. It is can be used to the predict the Shubh Muhurat for the marriage form, in order to the enjoy a long and joyous in the relationship. 

The Kundali matching report is a predicated on the three major in the factors-


  • Guna Milan Score 
  • Presence of Manglik Dosha 
  • Navamsa Chart Strength 


What Is Guna Milan In the Kundali Matching?

On base of the birth details of the bride and bachelorette, the eight Gunas or the Ashtakoota are the calculated by in  the marriage matching calculator. In a Kundali are Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milanby name and date of the birth, the harmony between the  these eight Gunas decides in the fate of a marriage. These Gunas are 


1. Varna-The first guna are  compares to  the Varna or estate of a bride and the bachelorette. The Varna of the bachelorette should be the  either be advanced or original to the bride’s Varna. This aspect also the  throws light on the internal harmony between the two. 

2. Vashya-During a Gun Milan by the name and date of the birth, this Guna to helps the determine which bone among the two will be more than in the dominating and controlling. 

3. Tara-The birth star or Tara of the bride and the bachelorette are the compared to the determine  in the health quotient of a relationship. 

4. Yoni-Sexual harmony between in the prospective the  couple can be the determined with the Guna. 

5. Graha Maitri-The intellectual and internal connection between in  the prospective couple can be gauged through Graha Maitri Guna Milan by a  name and date of the birth 

6. Gana-This Guna helps  to the determine are the harmony between the personality, behavior, station, and the approach of the two. 

7. Bhakoot-Bhakoot Guna foretells in the state of the financial substance and family welfare after in the marriage. The direction of the career growth of the bride and bachelorette after in the marriage can be determined to through in  this Guna. 

8. Nadi-This is the last Guna that holds the maximum points and, thus, is the most important Guna during  in the Kundali Matching| Horoscope Matching| Kundali Milan by the name and date of the  birth. It is tells about in  the health of the family as a whole after the marriage. Matters of the labor and get are also determined with the  Guna. Presence of the  Nadi Dosha can be affect to  the possibility of the marriage. 

S.No               Koota                     Maximum Score 





                      Graha Maitri                        5     

                      Gana                                    6 



How Multitudinous Gunas Should Match In Horoscope Match? 


For a happy, successful and joyous marriage, the minimum Kundali match score should be between the 18-24. Still, also marriage is not be direct, If the score is below the 18. Still, it is an ideal number for the joyous and trouble-free wedded life, If the score is above 24. The Guna Milan score helps in the deciding the possibility of the prosperous wedded life. 

Guna Milan Score       Prediction for Possibility of Marriage 

< 18                                     Marriage not recommended 

18-24                             Average match- Marriage possible 

24-32                     Successful marriage- Always recommended 

32-36                     Match made in Heaven- largely recommended 


Is Online Kundli Matching For Marriage Reliable? 

Interestingly, Online Kundali Match is the swish and the most sought-after system to the induce an accurate Online Horoscope Matching report. When the produce by the computer, there is no compass of indeed minor mortal crimes or catch in the report. At the mPanchang, you can be find an accurate (Guna Mian) marriage points calculator that produce Kundali reports that are fully scan by the master astrologers. It is uses Gun Milan by date of birth rather than Gun Milan by the name to give you the most perfect and complete results. 

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