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Monday, July 11, 2022

VideshAbhyas Loan Sahay 2022 For Scheduled Tribes

 VideshAbhyas Loan Sahay 2022 For Scheduled Tribes

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The Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation Department of the Government of Gujarat is implementing various schemes for ST caste in the state. In which many other schemes were implemented by the Government under Vanbandhu Yojana . Talking about the plan. The government provides loans to ST children for study abroad.

In this loan from the government, if the tribal students want to go abroad for higher studies, they are given this foreign study loan by the tribal development department of the government . Loans are provided. So let us know the detailed information about this assistance.

Government Education Loan For Abroad

The Government of Gujarat is always ready for the development of Scheduled Tribes and from time to time implements new schemes for their development. These schemes are run by Tribal Development Department Gujarat . These include schemes for tribal farmers, schemes for students, schemes for women.

In this assistance, if the students of the tribe want to go abroad for higher studies, the government provides them assistance of Rs. 15 lakhs and also at a simple interest of 4% . Can't get higher education. So this loan will help them to study very well and they will be able to study abroad.

Name of the schemevidesh abhyas loan help
HelpLoan assistance of Rs. 15 lakhs
ObjectiveFor the purpose of increasing the rate of higher education in the tribe
BeneficiaryStudents from Scheduled Tribes
Type of applicationOnline
Contact OfficeClick here for Birsamunda Bhavan, Sector-10A Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Official website

videsh abhyas loan sahay- benefit

For this assistance run by the Tribal Development Department, a loan of Rs. 15 lakhs is given to the students belonging to Scheduled Tribes . The loan is given at negligible interest. Out of which 15 lakh loan has been given at simple interest of only 4%.

Let me further inform you that if the students delay in repaying the loan, they will be charged 2.5% more interest penalty.

What will be the repayment period?

This loan assistance is for the students belonging to the Scheduled Tribes of the State of Gujarat .

Eligibility of Videsh Abhyas Loan Sahay 2022 For Scheduled Tribes

Eligibility is to be determined for each of the schemes of Sarkar Shri. Therefore in this scheme also the following eligibility has been decided by the Tribal Development Corporation.

  • Beneficiary student should be a native of Gujarat state.
  • Beneficiary student should be of Scheduled Tribe and should have caste certificate of competent officer .
  • Beneficiary students are required to have passed Std-10 and Std-12 or their equivalent examinations and have their certificates.
  • There is no income limit for this scheme .
  • For this scheme, the student has to get admission in a foreign university .

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Student Loan For Study Abroad Documents - Support Evidence

If the students want to get help from the government, only the students who are sitting in all their rules will be considered eligible and they will be presented with all the following supporting evidence.

  1. Beneficiary student's Aadhaar card
  2. Beneficiary Student's Living Certificate ( LC )
  3. Certificate of Scheduled Tribe of Beneficiary Student
  4. Beneficiary student's ration card
  5. Beneficiary student's bank account passbook
  6. Beneficiary student's standard-10 and standard-12 certificates
  7. Consent form of the beneficiary student's guardian
  8. Consent form of the beneficiary student
  9. If the beneficiary student is a partner in the property of both their landlords , their details
  10. Proof of property submitted by the beneficiary student e.g. - 7/12 and 8 / a, building document or property card latest no
  11. Example of Beneficiary Student and Landlord-1 e.g. 7/12 and 8 / A or property card or building document
  12. Example of Beneficiary Student and Zamindar-2 e.g. 7/12 and 8 / A or property card or building document
  13. Affidavit affidavit on stamp paper of Rs
  14. Beneficiary Student submitted the valuation report of the property to the Government
  15. Beneficiary student's passport
  16. Beneficiary student visa
  17. The basis on which a student is admitted to a foreign university
  18. Details of how much the student has paid in Jite University abroad
  19. Details of whether the student is accredited by the college or university if he / she has got admission in the university abroad.

Income limit for study abroad loan

The scheme is being run by the Tribal Development Department of the Government of India .

Videsh Abhyas Loan Sahay Gujarat Online Apply

The State Government through the Department of Tribal Development is implementing various schemes for the people of backward ST communities. In order to make their students more educated, this foreign study loan is given by the government. All ST caste students have to apply online. For which as well as how to register online for this Videsh Abhyas Loan etc. All the information is given here in detail.

First you go to google chrome and type Aadijatinigam 's website then you will see the Official Website of Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation in which it is written below Apply For Loan has to go there. It is shown in the photo below.

Now if you want to get information about this loan you can go to Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation Home Pag e and get information about the loan otherwise if you want to apply directly online then go to Apply For Loan as shown above . Foreign study loan will appear as per the photo.

After that you have to login. If you apply for the first time then you have to go to New Register . And if you have Password and Id then you have to login directly .

The beneficiary student will then have to go to Apply Now in My Application after successfully logging in . Jaya will show you many different schemes where you have to click on foreign study loan.

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