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Friday, March 1, 2024

If your phone’s battery does not run much, then do this setting, it will work

How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Screen Timeout

Set the screen timeout on your phone so that it locks automatically when not in use. This will help save your battery from draining quickly. You can choose how long it takes for the screen to turn off after you stop using your phone.

Keep GPS Off

If you're not using GPS on your phone, make sure to turn it off. Keeping GPS on all the time can drain your battery faster than usual.

Power Saving Modes

Check if your phone has a power saving mode option. If not, you can download an app from the Google Play Store to help save your battery life. Make sure to keep this feature on at all times.

Use the Original Charger

Always use the original charger that came with your phone. Using a duplicate charger or a different mobile charger can damage your phone's battery and reduce its lifespan.

Avoid Fast Chargers

While fast chargers can quickly charge your phone, they can also harm your battery in the long run. Try to use a regular charger to preserve your phone's battery health.

Avoid Leaving Your Phone Charging Overnight

It's a common habit to leave your phone charging overnight, but this can actually decrease your battery's lifespan. Try to charge your phone for only 2-3 hours at a time to prevent overcharging.

Avoid Full Charging

Don't let your phone charge up to 100%. Charging up to 80% is better for your battery's health and can prevent overheating. This will help your battery last longer in the long run.

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